Used D810 or new D7500 for beginner wildlife?

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Used D810 or new D7500 for beginner wildlife?

So I've been looking at camera ideas for beginner wildlife and have narrowed my search down to these two bodies, partially because I have Z cameras and the FTZ adapter so I could use the F-mount lenses on my Z bodies if I wanted to, BUT I'm still planning to get a DSLR for wildlife purposes.

I guess my decision now is go to with a 36MP full frame sensor to give me more room to crop in post if I need to, and also to get the actual angle of view from a lens.


Do I get a D7500 and get a lower resolution, but take advantage of the crop factor with the lenses

I plan to shoot general wildlife, including BIFs, and at this point, will probably get a Tamron 100-400 to go with the body as I want something good for hiking (the Nikon 200-500 and Tamron 150-600 are a bit too heavy IMO for afternoon hikes).

The advantage that the D7500 has is it has a similar AF system, and the same sensor and processor (I believe) as the D500. The D810 has dual card slots (not a big deal as this isn't my primary camera, but is a nice feature), higher resolution and probably better low-light performance compared to a D7500 (perhaps).

The other thing is the D810 has an option for a vertical grip but the D7500 doesn't (unless I use a third party one from companies like Vello, which is OK, but it only has a shutter button but no other controls so it's actual use might be limited over a true grip for the D810).

The crop factor also has me a little concerned, because, for example, with  the NIkon 200-500, factoring in the 1.5x crop, you're at an equivalent angle of view of roughly 300-750mm.  Good for BIFs but probably not good if something is near you (such as photographing a lion at a the zoo).

Thoughts on which direction I should go? The prices are quite similar so i wouldn't say that cost isn't going to be a factor here. It's either the used D810 for around $1000-$1200 or the D7500 for about $1000 (so the $100-200 is not considered relevant in my book).

Are there any advantage of the lower-resolution DX cameras?  Both have 51 point AF and both appear to have group AF which I heard was important for many things, such as BIFs.

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