EM1X birds Feb 24 2021

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Paul Auclair
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EM1X birds Feb 24 2021

RAW/Lightroom, handheld, 4/300...

first time (finally!!! 3 years looking) finding this tiny little owl and being lucky enough to have him/her not completely buried in branches. this owl is about the size of a tennis ball with a head on it.

Northern Saw-whet owl

downy woodpecker male

this junco was a grab shot and was far from acceptably focused...this is a Topaz magic salvage job...

dark-eyed junco

before crop...

Bohemian wax-wing

these two eagle shots are at a great distance with the MC20 and moderately cropped.

this eagle seems to be a regular visitor to a large grain elevator terminal in a nearby city. the eagle hunts a large congregation of pigeons. i've only visited this place 3 times. the regulars here say a prairie falcon, gyrfalcon, and, peregrine falcon visit (and/or used to visit) this site too but i've not seen any of those raptors.

I did get some shots of this bird against the blue sky but I thought this image of him/her in front of the actual grain terminal was somehow appropriate (the wife hates it) being it is hunting in an industrial area.

bald eagle

the same eagle resting after a meal...of pigeon. the odd thing is all of the pigeons in this image joined him/her on this perch after the eagle had landed there....like they were saying try me next!?!

bald eagle

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as always,
thank you fellow DPR members for your kind words and encouragement.

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