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Re:Extraneous matters for ‘Pinhead’ Sensor Bridge Cameras **

Cyril Catt wrote:

Jon_T wrote:

Cyril Catt wrote: Have just been looking at the problems of getting a suitable case for a larger camera "FZ1000ii Case Math"

Beside adequate performance from 'pinhead' sensors, there's also something to be said for lugging only about a 1/4 kg instead of 3/4 kg or more, as well as easier deployment, or convenience for carrying in the palm of a hand, ready for every opportunity

A camera like any other 'tool', use the correct tool for the job. Hence why I have pocketables S110, SZ50, DSLR's and FF DLSR. ;-). Also depends on one's IQ wanted/ needed for pictures use/ application.

Very true, Jon. But this forum is highlighting 'Pinhead' sensor cameras' advantages, ...

Yes I know, and actually "this" topic's title is
"Extraneous matters for ‘Pinhead’ Sensor Bridge Cameras".

The main problem of that topic you referenced is 'not' due to the 'larger size' of the FZ1000 II, but the OP a novice that was not sure how to measure/ get camera measurements.

The post could have easily been for help/ recommendations on selecting a case for FZ80 or FZ300 (i.e., 'Bridge' pinhead camera), or a small/ belt type case for a ZS##/ TZ## "Pnhead Sensor Camera".

To me, there are lot more pertinent reasons for wanting a smaller Pinherad Sensor Camera than not have to get a case.

I was using pocketable/ compact 35mm cameras long before there were any digital cameras.

Size wise there's not a large difference between the FZ300 vs. FZ1000 II:

Also the newer Nikon P950 and P1000 "Pinhead Sensor Bridge Cameras" are larger than the FZ1000 II:


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