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I am looking for a camera to be used in street photography.
mostly using a Fujifilm Xpro 2 with 23/2 lens.

I want to indulge into the Leica world and made a first test with a Q2 at the local store.
However , as being mainly a b/w shooter , the Q2 M attracts a lot!

can anyone give advice?


Whiops—just noticed the age of this thread. Ignore the rest of my post if it is no longer relevant.

Even for black and white I would recommend the color version of whichever camera. Having color data allows you to choose different profiles for B&W conversion that use the color data to assign tonal ranges in the monochrome image. Want darker skies with more contrast? The software can darken blues throughout the image. Want more contrast in earth tones and greens? Choose a camera profile that provides exactly that in your monochrome conversion. I think better B&W results are generally achieved with a color camera. Plus the flexibility of also shooting in color.

That being said, the monochrome does have a couple advantages. First, it performs better in low light. If you find yourself shooting above ISO 1600 a lot and longing for cleaner images the monochrome camera performs better. Second, if you want a really simple workflow for your B&W images the monochrome excels.

I also think the Q2 is a better camera for most people than the M. The digital zoom is effective up to 50mm equivalent, the lens is excellent, the controls are wonderful, the AF is fast and accurate, and you get image stabilization. It even has a useful macro function. One of my favorite cameras of all time, and the best travel and street camera I have ever used. Nearly silent, too, even when compared to an M.

Buyer beware........I have owned the Q2M for 3 months now & have loved every minute using it. However I do have on order the Q2. These little cameras are highly addictive!

Despite what I thought before about preferring color conversions over a monochrome sensor, I love the Q2M. The high ISO is insane compared to the Q2 – not even close. I did a casual test of the Q2M with a dark red filter versus the original Q-P with a color conversion, and now to my eye the color conversions look fake.

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