Rolling shutter comparison of A7r4, A7s3 and A1

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Re: Rolling shutter comparison of A7r4, A7s3 and A1

Impulses wrote:

pollup wrote:

Impulses wrote:

Gotta love that 1/200 readout speed.

It's actually 1/250

Was it tested at that? I mean it's academic but still... I assumed it'd be close to that when they said 1.5x but then everyone including DPR started quoting 1/200, there might be technical reasons the body doesn't use the full speed the sensor is capable of no? I'd be curious to see what the improvement in crop mode is like if it's not doing 1/250 for the whole frame, as crop mode used to double readout speed for older A7R bodies.

That's the official specs of the sensor ... and also Sony stated that it's 1.5x as fast as the A9 (being at 1/160), and if you do the math, 160 x 1.5 = 240, so everything adds up. However 200/160 is only 1.25. So if it's only 1/200 then Sony would be lying big time, because 1.25x is not even close to 1.5x.

Not everyone said 1/200, and DPR didn't "quote" 1/200, they just wrote "1/200 or faster", showing that they have no idea what it really is. They just know it's faster than 1/200 because the flash sync speed is 1/200 with the electronic shutter. However, you always need to be faster in order to get that sync speed, with some margin. That's why it's impossible for it to be only 1/200, because otherwise the flash sync speed would be lower, like 1/160.

It's doing 1/250 for the whole frame.

Speed is lowered in video mode, but not in stills mode. I think it's around 1/110 for 4k, and 1/60 for 8k.

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