Need advice on camera with lenses for aquarium/terrarium filming

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Re: Need advice on camera with lenses for aquarium/terrarium filming

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First I would advice to understand if you'd prefer rangefinder body style or DSLR style. This helps you on first big filtering.

What is a rangefinder body style ?

For example:

Sony A6xxx series.

Panasonic GX series

Etc etc..

Those are mirrorless cameras, nothing to do with rangefinder.

This is a digital rangefinder camera

You have to be careful reading:

"..body style"

I never wrote they are rangefinder.

maybe you should be more careful about the terms you use. Rangefinder body style isn't exactly the most common way to refer to the mirrorless cameras and possibly not one a beginner would understand. ( I didn't...)

And, BTW, why does your choice exclude bridge cameras ?

It is possible that a 1" sensor type, like the Sony RX or Panasonic 1000 series could do the job easier that some DSLRs or Mirrorless so eliminating those may not be the best choice.

Sorry but you are misleading other readers.

Rangefinder is not a synonym of ML  and I didn't not use it as synonym at all.

Rangefinder BODY STYLE is a typology of ML. It is pretty obvious that DSLRs have...DSLR body style. Not?

Since the beginning my underlying was on the style of body. So the focus is on the body: layout and vf location. Is that clear now? You as well beginners  within this site can go to camera feature search, you'll see the 2 typologies.

Bridge cameras are basically for fun. Acceptable in good light. If you want to "play in Major League" , it's another story.

(Panasonic bridge fz1000 for video is very good, though)

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