Editors that can store edits in DNG metadata

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Re: Editors that can store edits in DNG metadata

Felix E Klee wrote:

Joachim B wrote:

Yes I do.

Actually, concerning my question, I guess you mean no, no other editors do that.

But not all database information is stored in the file, only the development settings. So if you rely on folder structures, collections or star/color ratings, you still need the database for that.

Good point. However, it doesn’t apply to me. I do my own organization of photos, and many photos are project based. So it wouldn’t make sense to keep them in one central database. I prefer one tool for a job, which is why I like ACR. I just don't like Adobe and their business practices. Also I have zero use for PS and LR, which are required for activating ACR. Nevertheless, it looks like I have no choice.

You seem happy with what you are doing.  However, it would be easy to misinterpret what you say.

Lightroom does not prescribe any way of storing your images - your folder structure is entirely up to you.

Your images are not in Lightroom.  They are exactly where you put them, and Lightroom will not move them.

The Catalogue is a database referencing those files.  There is normally absolutely no need for multiple Catalogues - just sometimes photographers use separate Catalogues for different commercial clients.

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