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Re: Update re: deep sky tracking, etc

Lettermanian wrote:

Since I'm backing the astro version I'm following this thread with interest. There's been a lot of discussion regarding the deep sky tracking implementation. I am a relative noob to astro so I will leave the technicalities to those who know more, but I thought some of you may be interested in the ongoing feature updates due to the feedback they're getting. The following is copied from the Kickstarter update email I just received:

"Hi Everyone!

We are so happy to share some more good news with everyone that after additional prototype testing and verification - that we have decided to increase the tracking accuracy of Polaris by four. This increases the initial design accuracy of 0.01 ° (36 arcsec) to 0.0025 ° (9 arcsec). This is achieved by increasing the deceleration ratio of the transmission structure. Thank you very much to everyone who gave us practical suggestions to help make Polaris more perfect.

In addition, Polaris has added a new shooting mode. Now that the accuracy of Polaris has been improved, we hope to also make Polaris more powerful.

To do this - we have added a visual correction function to Polaris. When you use Polaris for long exposure deep-sky shooting, Polaris will take a set of photos, each of which is a long exposure. After each photo is taken, Polaris will recognize the precise position of each star in the frame and correct for the movement/direction of the camera. This helps to avoid shooting for tens of minutes or having to continually reset positioning and restarting shots for hours. After the shooting is complete - Polaris will align and stack the photos captured to create an ultra-long exposure photo."

I'd be interested to know if this is a considerable improvement over the previous known parameters 🙂

They've yet to provide even a single example of the mount functioning in astro mode or a single image taken in that astro mode so....ya, still extremely skeptical of their claims. For the extreme cost you'd think they'd at least post a few basic examples of images done with their equipment with a basic technical description/exif.

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