New z7ii owner but what are these image artifacts from my Sigma 150-600?

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Re: New z7ii owner but what are these image artifacts from my Sigma 150-600?

wshooter wrote:

I've been a DPReview member and casual photographer for years and have enjoyed the site but this is my first post (I think).

I've been on a photography hiatus for more than a year and just picked up a z7ii/24-70 kti a week ago with the FTZ adapter in hopes of some inspiration to get out and shoot again. I also purchased a 14-30 z lens and both z lens are amazing compared to my F mount lens for my old crop sensor cameras.

I put the FTZ adapter on and my 5 yo Sigma 150-600m contemporary lens to give it a try. As expected, it's soft compared to the z lenses (and out of focus) but I was hoping someone could help me properly identify the artifacts in the attached image circled in red.

Image was shot @600mm, wide open aperture. The subject was not that far away (maybe 150-200')

Are the double squiggly lines that goes across the image horizontally, an artifact of the DOF, quality of lens, optic misalignment. Or is this what is called moire?

I need help in identifying what it is so I can read more about it and go back and try something else to understand better. I never saw until I got back to my desktop's big screen.

Thanks in advance!

Sigma 150-600 contemporary, 600mm @f/6.3

I experienced a similar phenomenon with a Sigma 50-500mm lens on a Nikon D800E. It appears it was the optical stabilisation at fault in that case. With OS off, the weird effect disappeared.

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