Nikon Z7 I vs Z6 II (+ 24-200) for hiking?

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Re: Nikon Z7 I vs Z6 II (+ 24-200) for hiking?

99tollap wrote:

I'm thinking of upgrading to a Nikon mirrorless for taking photos during hiking, and would love to hear some thoughts on the original Nikon Z7 vs Z7 II, which both currently sell for a similar body-only price.

I currently have a Sony RX100 VI, which gives really nice photos and is super easy to carry around (don't even notice it in my pocket). The 24-200 range is very flexible and combined with the fast autofocus, allows me to capture great landscapes and even a bit of wildlife (with some cropping). However, I find the shooting experience rather cumbersome (i.e., not fun) and in bright light, the tiny EVF and poor back screen make composition quite tough. Plus, even at low ISO's the images can be a rather noisy when zooming in. The lens is very soft in the corners at some focal lengths, particulars 24 mm.

I tried a Z7 last year in a shop and really loved the handling, design, and I find the lens choices are far more suitable to my style of photography than competitors (I discount Sony here because I don't like the handling of their alpha range).

So I'm weighing up the relative benefits of the Z7 and Z6 II. Both I would combine with the 24-200 since this offers maximum flexibility without needing lens changes. The Z7 has worse autofocus which might impair some spontaneous wildlife/action photography? But on the other hand, the greater megapixels will be handy when cropping. The Z6 II has worse (but still good) resolution, better autofocus and probably more future-proofed.

Do you think the greater resolution at the expense of autofocus capability is the better sacrifice? I have included some images below to give an idea of what I like to photograph

I personally like the 24-200 on the Z7 because in a pinch, I can use it in crop mode and get a 300mm equivalent (35mm terms) FL if needed.  You can do this on the Z6 as well ,but you only end up wit ha 9MP image, which may not be large enough to make certain prints.

I would say the Z7 gen 1 just for that over the Z6 II unless you need the spare memory card and video capabilities.

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