How I went from A6000 to EOS R and have money left to spare

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How I went from A6000 to EOS R and have money left to spare

I started off with A6000 just to get into photography and take pictures for fun, never would i even think that i'll be at where i am at today. It started when I had GAS, some items i purchased when there's a lot of them on the used market so the price goes down, and i hold it until i'm the only few that has them and sell them during that time.

some i bought together from one seller to lower the price, and then sold them separately to make a lil profit.

some items came with free accessories when buying used (flash/extra batteries...etc), and i had to sell them separately or bundle them with another item to get a decent profit. some items took a day to flip, some took months, some i had to do the repairs myself to make it sellable.

in the end i'm a happy camper with a "free" R and RF 35, with 1750 extra in my pocket, plus another 500 I made with 2 photography gigs using the gears i purchased and sold after the gig.

not only did i benefit financially, it also allowed me to try almost all the brands out there and to help me find out my photography style. What i learned was that the Fuji XT10/XT1/X100s was all contrast detection and is very slow.  the Nikon DSLR's had the best ergonomics, with the power switch on the shutter. Nikon has good menu system, but Canon's is better, Oly's designer had a field day with weird icons, right below Fuji, and Sony designers didnt have a clue what they were doing. DSLR's still outperform the AF speed in single point, assuming your lens doesnt need microadjustment which is PITA.  the Sony had the worst ergonomics + Menu but the best PR and marketing.  Canon had the best pleasing colours right out camera and some of the best lens out there.  Tamron G1 lens were terribly not sharp in today's standards.  24mm is NOT enough to take selfies, 150-600mm zoom is WAY too heavy to carry around. EF 70-200 F4 non IS all had slipping zoom clutch when the lens is pointing up. Fuji held their value the best.  sony APSC were the hardest to sell used.

mind you this is all on the side hustle to my regular 9-5 job.

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