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Re: the camera that made me hate Nikon

cruffatin wrote:

It failed on me (shutter broke) even though its serial number was not included in the recalls. Luckily it failed just before the warranty expired so I was able to have the shutter replaced. Now it's showing oil spots on the sensor again. This is not a camera that I can trust to take anywhere and I certainly wouldn't buy this used. And due to how the company dealt with the issue, I don't plan on ever buying another Nikon product either.

Sorry to hear about your negative experience with your D750. My experience was just the inverse.... I was a Pentax shooter and wanted a Full frame so I bought my first entry level FF Nikon D600. Talk about the oil and debris problem, it was a nightmare. After 11 months of use, I had brought it back to Nikon 4 times - they cleaned it , change the shutter, replaced it with a completely new body and on on the 4th time, they offered me a complete refund or a new D610. I took the refund... and bought the D800E.....Now I have 6 Nikon Bodies - D800E, D750, D500, D850, D4s and Z50. On top of that I added many Nikon lenses...The D750 is one of my best body with 20 first Place Winners here in DPR these:

When any body ask me why I choose Nikon - I tell them "Because NASA uses them in the Space Station"....I am not smart enough to argue with NASA scientist and engineers. BTW my son in law works for NASA mission control Houston...

Any product can fail, all the manufacture can do is to minimize it and when it does , they need to stand behind their product and do the right thing.

Good luck in the future....

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