Wildlife + Macro = Wrong Focus IMO

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Wildlife + Macro = Wrong Focus IMO

I understand specializing on a niche market might be a way to survive, but I think it's entirely wrong focus.

Those markets are possibly higher margin and probably more stable since it's small enough niche that the other manufacturers probably won't be focusing on it as the primary target.

But I think it's a losing strategy long term.

Over time, this will simply alienate the existing customer base that are not invested in macro or wildlife. I bet this actually makes up substantial portion of the already small OMDS userbase.

On the wildlife side, Canon is already creeping into the wildlife market with their mirrorless offerings too.

OMDS can't stay viable long term unless they have some appeal in more general photography. They need ways to do what people use cellphones for, but do it much better, in a smaller package than FF systems.

Me personally, I think their focus for the next 5 years or so should be travel.

Everyone in the world is dying for the opportunities to travel right now. Now is the chance for OMDS to focus on this market and try to make the best of the situation, planning 3 years into the future.

When the travel restrictions are lifted in the next year or two, the demands for travel will skyrocket and a lot of people would consider purchasing a "real" camera for their big trip.

OMDS should try to get as many of those people as their new customers.

Here are key reasons why m43 could be a better alternative to FF systems in this segment.

1. Small FF bodies exist: But they are still too pricey for most enthusiasts, especially for those who are already planning on spending a lot as travel expenses. (Sony A7C and Lumix S5 are both close to $2000 USD body only)

2. Even smaller FF body + standard lens can be much bigger than enthusiast level m43 body and a smaller zoom (Sony A7C and the new kit lens might be an exception.)

3. IBIS on OMD is unparalleled still, and there are shots that OMDs can get that other cameras cannot without a lot more gear (e.g. tripods/gimbal/ND filter)

These points lead me to the following conclusion.

1. Focus on compact enthusiast body.

EM5II was a big hit. It had a lot of features that the competition didn't have in a small package. EM10 series are still top sellers in Japan. OMDS needs to think long term and focus on increasing the userbase, not the margin-per-sale of larger higher-end bodies which is only going to lead to eventual failure due to increasingly small userbase.

Focus on smaller size (at most APSC size) and priced substantially lower than FF body only for a kit with a lens or two.

2. Focus on firmware features

Spend R&D resources on firmware features and put them in every body that supports it, including the lower-end bodies.

Firmware features, once developed, will not increase the base cost of a product like high-end hardware. They get more out of it if they are able to leverage them to sell lower-end bodies.

A few things they should include.

- Improved Pen-F style jpeg color profiles.

- Better HDR implementation

-Live Bulb/Live Composite without a tripod (i.e. enable ibis during use. I don't know about the others, but towards the wider fov, I can do multi-second handheld shots that is sharp enough for web use.) Maybe a better "handheld long exposure mode" that can include resizing jpeg and additional sharpening to allow for longer handheld shot for web-size images that is ready to be shared.

-HHHR/Live ND in enthusiast bodies

-built-in multiple exposure averaging feature for improved IQ

- Better implementation of art filters. It needs a refresh so that new users can get a "wow" effect simply exporting SOOC jpegs from the camera.

Every new sale of a m43 body is a potential future sale of lenses. They shouldn't be locking away firmware features in only the biggest most expensive bodies.

3. Market to the strength

Assuming that OMDS implements point 1 and 2, they can market their cameras to differentiate itself from the cellphones as well as FF/APSC camera.

Their marketing materials should reflect that every single time.


Two hikers walking through a trail in the mountains. They see a beautiful water fall.

One of them gets their tripod out from their back pack, sets it up, screw in the ND filter, put on the camera on the tripod and takes the shot.

The other person simply snaps a shot using live ND and walks away before the other person is done putting away their gear.

The ads explains the Live ND feature, with example images.

Do this type of commercial for every unique feature that OMDS has to offer. Focus on getting 90% as good results compared to FF with far less gear and hassle, or getting substantially better results compared to cellphones (e.g. low light video, freezing motion in low light, general detail differences in landscape photo etc.)

Not everyone who's looking to buy a camera will be going for the best IQ, much like not everyone looking to buy a car is looking for the fastest 0-60mph.

If everyone who is using cellphones are corolla drivers, OMDS just needs to provide something in between that and a Porche, say Subaru WRX STI of sorts. (and let's face it. Not everyone who owns a Porche would want to take that to go buy groceries.)

Just my 2 cents.

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