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Re: the camera that made me hate Nikon

cruffatin wrote:

It failed on me (shutter broke) even though its serial number was not included in the recalls. Luckily it failed just before the warranty expired so I was able to have the shutter replaced. Now it's showing oil spots on the sensor again. This is not a camera that I can trust to take anywhere and I certainly wouldn't buy this used. And due to how the company dealt with the issue, I don't plan on ever buying another Nikon product either.

I have a D750 plus other FX and APS-C Nikon DSLRs.  Fantastic cameras all of them.

All manufacturers have some that fail - makes no difference who - you'll find dud fuji, canon, sony, olympus, panasonic etc. etc out there too.   Things do go wrong sometimes.  Manufacturers are not perfect.

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