Need advice on camera with lenses for aquarium/terrarium filming

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Re: Need advice on camera with lenses for aquarium/terrarium filming

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Hello guys, Im considering stepping into this camera hobby after using phones for a few years and feeling their limiting powers.

This will be my first camera, and I will be shooting typically amphibians rather up close. The point will be to give the viewer a feeling of nature up close with good quality and beauty, and a relaxing atmosphere.

I assume 4k is a given these days for that extra level of detail. Any advice on cameras with lenses? Thanks

It seems like you may be wanting to do a lot of close/MACRO work ???

You have a choice of an Interchangeable Lens Camera (ILC) w/ MACRO lens or a fixed lens w/ macro-adapter.

An ILC can have a larger sensor (better for lower-light) but will have a shallow/narrow Depth-Of-Field (DOF) that can be problematic for close/macro.

My personal recommendation is the smaller-sensor of the FZ-1000 w/ RAYNOX 150 or 250 adapter. This camera has a 1"-type sensor that I personally consider a perfect-compromise between small and large sensors.

I don't think the FZ-1000 shoots 4K video ? The OP wants to do this.

Absolutely it does.  And was only the second camera to do so, (first in its price range of < $1000 -- now < $500).

The only proviso is 4K is cropped, (but so we're all original 4K cams).

But you may also want to consider the FZ-300 w/ a wider/deeper DOF of a (smallest) 1/2.3" sensor, (and a 600mm-EFL lens which can allow greater distance from your subjects).

If you have a larger budget, you may also want to consider the Sony RX10-IV which has a sensor that allows "Continuous"-AutoFocus @ 25fps.

What is your budget and what other types of photography do you intend?

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