Nikon Z7 I vs Z6 II (+ 24-200) for hiking?

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Re: Nikon Z7 I vs Z6 II (+ 24-200) for hiking?

Russ G wrote:

Yes, I misspoke about the constant aperture on the RX10M4. I don't know if I was thinking about my Nikon f-mount f4 lenses, or the fact that I usually shoot with the RX10M4 as if it was a constant f4 aperture. I typically leave the aperture at f4 for most situations. I rarely open the lens up more unless I really need the light, and even then, it's only possible at shorter focal lengths. And you really don't want to stop down any further than f8 on that camera due to diffraction. So usually it's f4 or f5.6 for me on the RX10M4 (I almost always shoot in aperture priority mode).

The blessing and the curse of this camera is its 1" sensor. The blessing is what makes it possible to have a fast lens with a 24-600mm range without requiring a Sherpa to carry it. The curse is that the sensor requires light, and lots of it. Low light/high ISO are not this camera's strong suit. But given decent light, it's impossible not to acknowledge this camera's extreme versatility and good image quality in such a tidy package. Oh, and it's really fun to shoot with.

I knew you were just confused about the constant aperture. No biggie. I too, shoot almost exclusively in aperture priority. It doesn't matter what the camera is. It's my go-to setting. With the RX, I typically leave it set for wide open. That lens performs admirably when wide open. I never stop down below f/5.6. You don't need to in order to get greater DOF. And, as you said, diffraction sets in beyond that. The problem is trying to get a more shallow DOF. So it is with small sensors.

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