Recent shots using the 60mm macro and raynox 505 with MC-20

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Recent shots using the 60mm macro and raynox 505 with MC-20

Using a PIXCO Brand extension tube, 16mm, you can attach the MC-20 (2x) teleconverter to the 60mm macro lens.  All you have to do is remove a millimeter of the plastic inside the cheap extension tube to allow the teleconverter lens to fit inside it.  Then, you are capable of using the 60mm macro lens and Raynox 505 to acquire 7.5x-9x magnification complete with the ability to focus bracket up to 999 images.  It really is quite an incredible setup - and I know I post a lot about it - but it excites me daily!  Here are a few recent samples for you all.

Each of these are focus stacks using Helicon which I feel is the best stacking software out there.  With a decent computer, these stacks of between 50 and 200 images take anywhere from 1-3 minutes.  That's it.  I will note that the same setup will work with the MC-14 teleconverter, just with a bit less magnification, but still significant when combined with the Raynox macro filters!

Phidippus Putnami jumping spider (live - he was my pet)

Phidippus putnami jumping spider - his name was Spurgeon

mosquito scales on the side of the shoulder

head molt from a Phidippus audax jumping spider

four sand garnets set on a tiny piece of gold - all from Oregon

Dew on a spider web of the Florinda Coccinea spider - 2.5mm field of view

overhead view of a live jumping spider

single snow crystal at 2.5mm field of view

the center detail of the above snow crystal

single snow crystal with reflective facets!

a gorgeous single snow crystal with very little branch breakdown

single snow crystal

a tiny sand garnet set on another grain of sand - split image showing it below next to a dime edge

sand garnet on a grain of gold sand.  split image with the bottom one showing next to penny edge

tiny head of a minute ant

a gorgeous sand garnet I found yesterday and balanced on a grain of peridot sand

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