FedEx loses my R5 on the way to canon cps

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Re: FedEx loses my R5 on the way to canon cps

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I got an update. FedEx found the package and is delivering it to canon today. Hopefully it’s still in one piece.

The loaner Cps sent is still stuck in Virginia. Good grief… be funny if my camera comes back before the loaner gets here.

I've been lurking in this thread with bated breath and its not even my camera...LOL Personally I'd be beside myself! GREAT NEWS!

make me wonder if Canon didn't put the squeeze on fedex.... i can only imagine the amount of business they do with fedex.....

I don't think there would be any squeeze. Business is business. Both Canon and FedEx doing what is right and what their business is suppose to do in a situation like this. Normal business operation. Same as if you shipped the item out yourself and the item is lost...FedEx would try and track down the last known location. Maybe there's a little more pull with Canon or because of the value that is involved.

Canon offering a loaner to the customer while they resolve the issue. Canon not paying out until the investigation is resolved. FedEx tracking down the package. FedEx not paying out until their investigation is resolved.

This is why most companies would not pay out until they have vetted all options...hence the long drawn our process. Had they paid out immediately for something that was "lost" when it wasn't really, thats money lost. Yes, they get the camera back but the value is no longer the same as a new one they sent out. Now it would have to be resold as refurbished or used as parts. They're not going to ask the customer to send back the camera. Even if they won't be new either when returned.

Of course there are some business who would pay out immediately. But this boils down to cost of the item. I've had 1-2 clothing packages lost and when I called the retailer, they refunded me immediately. They were no more than $80 and I'm sure they were covered under the standard $100 insurance.

Glad that FedEx was able to find the package and Canon shipped out the loaner. Like you said, even if it was damaged (highly doubt it), its going to the right place to get it repaired.

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