Need advice on camera with lenses for aquarium/terrarium filming

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Re: Need advice on camera with lenses for aquarium/terrarium filming

Mieszko wrote:

Thanks for the input guys. Budget wise I guess I could go all the way to 2500 dollars if I am sold on a particular device for my particular usage.

I have read a bit on the different camera systems in here but I havent and dont have many opportunities to try them out now either so I will have to take a chance eventually.

Perhaps I am looking for you experienced users to recommend a few systems for me under 2500 dollars including lenses for my usage. It can be a lot cheaper aswell if you think I wont notice too much difference as a beginner in my work.


First I would advice to understand if you'd prefer rangefinder body style or DSLR style. This helps you on first big filtering.

Then, if your big passion is macro photography, have a look on high quality macro Lenses (good ratio price/quality I mean). Once you filtered here, then you combine with your budget and finally the choice of system and body will be much narrowed

Then let us know for  the models you mostly will be focus on

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