Nikon Z7 I vs Z6 II (+ 24-200) for hiking?

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Re: Nikon Z7 I vs Z6 II (+ 24-200) for hiking?

That’s a great suggestion that I didn’t consider. Owning the RX 10 IV, I should have. Even with the Z7 II, and a number of fine lenses that cover more focal length range than the RX10 IV, I wouldn’t think of getting rid of the Sony. It’s a technological wonder, worthy of high praise.

Not to split hairs, but the Sony is not really a constant f/4 lens. It might as well be. It starts at f/2.4 on the short end, but quickly goes to f/4 as you zoom in. It then remains at f/4 all the way to 220mm (600mm equivalent). I know you know that. I’m just niggling you.

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