Need advice on camera with lenses for aquarium/terrarium filming

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Re: Need advice on camera with lenses for aquarium/terrarium filming

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Hello guys, Im considering stepping into this camera hobby after using phones for a few years and feeling their limiting powers.

This will be my first camera, and I will be shooting typically amphibians rather up close. The point will be to give the viewer a feeling of nature up close with good quality and beauty, and a relaxing atmosphere.

I assume 4k is a given these days for that extra level of detail. Any advice on cameras with lenses? Thanks

I do not shoot those lovely animals but if IIRC I could get too close to them, so might nor be in close up shooting, not even macro shooting.

I might consider a longer lens, in 35mm/Full frame terms, in the range of 50mm ~ 100mm, which can allow me to keep certain distance that would not scare the animal.

Since you could be in low lighting indoor mostly, a fast speed lens could be your best option. The larger aperture of it allow to use faster shutter speed to avoid possible movement of the animal (usually they are very steady), reduce handshake (if no tripod) and cleaner image (lower ISO). i would think a f/2.8 lens, better a f/1.7~1.8 or best on f/1.4 lens could be considered.

An interchangeable lens camera might give you more option on lens for this particular task, and also future growth on this hobby.

Any recent generation of cameras are good enough for your usage. So upon your budget, your expected portability which will determine the system you might want to use, as well as how you will use your image will further narrow down your option.

My 2 cents.

By no means all recent cameras shoot 4K video.

Is it? I suppose if it is not every recent model does 4K video, most of them should do.

4K video is a norm feature to my brand nowadays. My 1st MILC which support 4K video is already a 2016 model...

However, I guess OP is not actually asking for video. He might not sure the actual resolution of 4K and hence take 4K (resolution likely) be a basic requirement might be?

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