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You can't please everybody all the time .... obviously

cruffatin wrote:

It failed on me (shutter broke) even though its serial number was not included in the recalls. Luckily it failed just before the warranty expired so I was able to have the shutter replaced. Now it's showing oil spots on the sensor again. This is not a camera that I can trust to take anywhere and I certainly wouldn't buy this used. And due to how the company dealt with the issue, I don't plan on ever buying another Nikon product either.

...... I have the D750 and indeed it started to show signs of the shutter issue ....... the mirror not returning down after the first shot (subject to a service recall)...... I rang Nikon, they agreed the repair and sent me a link to print out the the free return ticket ...... what's more, mine was "grey market" ......

.... the free repair took about ten days and the camera was returned to me, the shutter and the OVF screen replaced with the camera looking like new ..... all worked well and the camera was guaranteed for another year !

........ effectively several months after the repair, I too had oil spots on the sensor ...... I got out my wet clean kit and set about cleaning it ...... the oil, was thick and smeared about the sensor ..... I had to add more fluid to basically wash it off until it was whistle clean.

How is my emotional relationship with the D750 now ?...... very good ! ...... in fact it's D750 business as usual ...... great images, low noise, a good camera to use ......

It's clear that you feel "aggrieved" by your experience and I'm not sure whether it's really justified at the level you are pitching it at ..... your camera was repaired for free ..... OK the sensor got a few oil spots like mine did ...... cleaning sensor IMHO is not the end of the world ...... and needs doing less frequently than with many a modern mirror-less camera.

Let's hope that your replacement for the Nikon D750 never puts a foot wrong ..... and has a dustless sensor that never needs cleaning .......

Isn't it funny that despite having exactly the same experience as you ...... that I would rate my D750 with "four stars" ...... funny how different people react in different ways ............. ........ is it not ??

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