RX100 VI vs HX99 for a new travel compact zoom?

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Re: RX100 VI vs HX99 for a new travel compact zoom?

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Would 200mm on the mk VI be better than 720mm on the HX99 for the same subject?

No. The strength of the HX99 (and other similar 1/2.3" cameras) is at or near maximum zoom. If you crop the RX100VI to obtain the same composition, the effective sensor area is even smaller than the area of the HX99, and the resolution takes a massive hit; but the RX100VI will obviously be better for everything up through 200mm equivalent, and even beyond that. The 'quality' crossover zone is probably somewhere around 300-350mm equivalent.

Very interesting information! Thanks for your input. Yes, I quite like the range of the HX99. So I might still get the RX100VI and an older HX90V at a bargain price online.

Having owned an RX100 before and bought an HX99 this is exactly the route I am going down.  Shots at the longer end of the zoom were, well, acceptable and were more often taken just because I could 😂.

Shots below the 200/300mm range were ok but I could not help thinking either ‘I should have taken my RX10’ or ‘I should have bought the RX100 xx’. This was decided for me when a ‘new’ RX100 vi came up for sale at the same price as the new HX99. No brainier I guess.

There will be scenarios where I won’t want to take the RX10 or RX100 such as mountain biking. For that I am also going to keep an eye out for a used HX90.

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