I Need A Camera That Is Smarter Than I Am

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I Need A Camera That Is Smarter Than I Am

I read about all these great camera AF features like the link below:


I just don't have time to be dealing with and changing these AF features like "tracking speed", "AF selection modes", "acceleration", etc.. out in the field for changing subjects. Don't mind doing a little homework and setting up custom memory modes but need them to be available quickly for changing subjects and conditions.

As an example I go out today to take some bird stills and the camera wont shoot a picture, some dumm setting I used last time fouled it up.

All these features sound like they would work for AF:

Dynamic AF-Area Mode

3D-Tracking Mode

Automatic AF Point Selection

Group-Area Autofocus

Group-Area AF is especially useful when photographing birds, wildlife, and non-team sports

Dynamic 9 AF

birds, ducks, flowers, video of the same, the problem I have most is with AF. Like my 80D, in "live view, and video" it takes 3-4 seconds to refocus on different subjects using servo, but half the time if I press the AF button?

I want a camera that has a radiation hardened Intel Core i9-10900K processor, a massive brain and the ability to read my mind and easily make changes quickly in the field.

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