Long lenses on DX Choices - 150-600, 200-400/500 etc.

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Re: Long lenses on DX Choices - 150-600, 200-400/500 etc.

Frankly, I think that if you need 800mm+ (full-frame equivalent focal length) for something the size of a car, you are just simply too far away to get the greatest shots, due to atmospherics, etc. You need to somehow get closer. I know, this is easier said than done, but it would be absolutely the best way to improve the results.

Anyway, the Nikkor 200-500 is probably your best bet for sub-$2,000. At least the shots are usually reasonably sharp and in focus. The same cannot be said for Tamron 150-600 (in my experience). It does not provide as much contrast as the more costly pro lenses, but this can be fixed in post. Nothing can be done about soft shots.

However, if you find you have to zoom rapidly, do not get the Nikkor 200-500. It is pretty much impossible to zoom the whole zoom range (which is only 200-500) in one motion. Zooming the 200-500 is: grab-turn-grab-turn-grab-turn (exaggerating a bit, to make a point).

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