Does medium format film really equal 80MP digital?

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Does medium format film really equal 80MP digital?

I apologize if this has been discussed before but I will ask.

I have come to digital from film. Medium format and 35mm. Shooting film I was always looking for less grain and sharper images, hence the larger format. Most people who shot film were in the same boat.

My film experiences were mixed. I never really liked the look of printed color films, they always look contrived and unnatural to me. I wound up hand coloring b&w prints, liking them better. Projected slides were nice to look at. I like b&w prints a lot. Something about them appealed to me. They seemed pure and in their unnatural way, natural.

But I was honestly never happy with printed film results. B&W could have less grain and be sharper (I did try Kodak TechPan ISO 20) , color prints looked fake.

People are hanging on to film and I'm mystified as to why. I read 6x6 medium format film equals a 80MP digital sensor. I shot 6x6. I now have D800 Nikon, Fuji XPro2 and a few Sigmas (DP1, SD1 and SQQ). I'm happy with the results of all of these. I get results and high ISOs that I could never touch with film.

Where does this 80MP number come from and does anyone believe it? As a matter of fact, I got 8x10s using my first 8MP Nikon that blow away anything I could produce using film. B&W with no grain and fantastic detail.

Digital seems like what we were looking for for years using film. No grain, clarity that cuts like a knife, instant results (I do own a Polaroid back for my Bronica) and high ISOs.

I would love to see comparisons from people who have both digital and film showing the quality superiority of film.

Help me, I would like to be educated.

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