Cash in my x100s & XT20 (with 18-55,27mm) for x100f???

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Re: Cash in my x100s & XT20 (with 18-55,27mm) for x100f???

jspeakman wrote:

Am I mad?


Surely that is the perfect combo for flexibility and portability. I have had the x100s for a while, love it but , irritated with its well known limitations, pretty sluggish autofocus particularly for video, no image stabilisation, distinctly average occasional video use, missed some great longer range shots with its fixed lens etc. So expensive trip to Italy Summer 2019 prompted XT20 plus 18-55mm and 27mm pancake. Perfect and it took great shots of Herculaneum, Positano etc, video was quite adequate - wonderful. Since when it has been left unused. I go out walking every day with my dog and always take the x100s. It's discreet, light, takes great shots (family, street, landscape, the beach) and it's sexy (yes, I am deeply, deeply shallow). I could take the XT20/27mm but I don't - why would you when you've got the x100s.

I can see me using the XT20 more often maybe when life gets back to some degree of normality. Family events, concerts (remember them?), special trips - it's possible. Its relative bulk with the zoom lens I think is always the limiting factor and I really do prefer the form factor of the 100s . So sell the lot and get a younger model x100F (can't afford the V) with faster autofocus, decent digital zoom(?).

I really wonder if in the end this is just a mid camera crisis and I would regret getting rid of the xt20. I should really learn to appreciate what I've got which is pretty good anyway. I would be very grateful for your thoughts.

Sounds like that 100%

FWIW I had the X-100 T and the difference in operation speed and AF speed from the S is massive and they do not cost much now and the IQ is the same excellent.

For all the new sensor and new lens in the X-100 V etc we all know unless you want to print bigger than 30x40 inches at very good quality, you don't need 24mp, rarely need to shoot over ISO 6400 (the X-100 T is ace up to that but not great beyond it) and hey the lens may be sharper but just use a smart sharpen or equivalent in post and you MAY see a difference pixel peeping at 200% afterwards.... you don't really need to change.... unless you crave the WR or LCD screen or some other functions....

You may miss your zoom also

People often wonder why I have a 23mm F2 and an 18-55 F2.8-4 for my X-T2 as they overlap

I use only the 23mm F2 for street and doc as it is light and small and is my 100% loved and preferred focal length so no need for anything else ever. This is my favourite form of photography and if a genie from a bottle made me choose for life, the one I would choose

BUT I also like you love to travel and do slow, well thought out shots of interesting places on my travels to put on my website which doesn't exist yet and sell some day and try to get up in cafes / restaurant walls etc and for that I might want WA / midrange / or slight telephoto out of necessity or aesthetic reasons and for this I pop on the 18-55 F2.8-4 as it is also small and light and has stellar IQ (and I'm too cheap to pop for the 16-55 F2.8 ha ha)

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