Cash in my x100s & XT20 (with 18-55,27mm) for x100f???

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Re: Cash in my x100s & XT20 (with 18-55,27mm) for x100f???

It sounds like you like (as opposed to disliking) both cameras with the only exception that the focus is permanently problematic with the 100s.

Perhaps Consider going to and rent a 100f or 100v for a week or two and see if that provides a  definitive answer to making it worthwhile to sell what you already have or keep?  Yeah, its a 100$ for the week long rental try-out but in the long run it could be the cheapest and quickest answer your question whether to keep what you have or move on.

I have found my 100t and xpro1 w/15~45 combo to be the  solution as to which camera to use based on what i am doing or where i am going to take pictures - kind of like having a pickup truck and regular sedan = a vehicle for any situation

good luck and let us know what worked out best for you,

john s.

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