Travel Lens - If you could only have one?

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Re: Travel Lens - If you could only have one?

Lots of times I've thought about this question, but I always end up taking just my 70-200 G and 24-70 CZ if I want to 'gear down' due to space or weight. I don't think there is a point to acquiring these great lenses if I don't take them with me to shoot.  This is reinforced every time I stand in front of something I am shooting, even if I hiked miles to get there; that I never remember thinking I wished I had a lessor lens to shoot with.

I only have 5 lenses now, but these two above cover 90-95% of my needs. (Also 85 F1.4 Minolta  when portraits and single subject still life's are subjects, the 100 2.8 Minolta macro when small is involved, as well as the 11-16 Minolta for wider view landscapes though I think of this as the lens I should have passed on; but I shoot the A77ii and the extra width does help sometimes.

So the two I take are heavier and a bit bigger than other lenses in the same ranges, but I can toss out that extra bottled water and sandwich, ask my wife to carry one if she is along,  put on a backpack, or waist pack .....or something.  Vacations, travel, and hiking almost always involves a back pack and that Peak strap mount that uses a plate to front backpack strap is often the answer. (The Capture 3.0) Always ready yet frees both hands.

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