16-55mm f2.8 or 24-105mm f4 for A6600

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Craig Gillette Forum Pro • Posts: 11,267
Re: 16-55mm f2.8 or 24-105mm f4 for A6600

Both are quite good lenses.  What can be a "problem" with using a "full frame" mid-range zoom starting at 24 to 28mm or so is that when the "crap factor" is applied, the "wide end" isn't so wide.  The 16mm acts as a 24mm but a 24mm acts as a 36mm and the 28mm, a 42mm.  It's less practical and use and might push one towards needing a wider lens as well.

You could also consider the Tamron 17-70/2.8 which would have the same focal range on aps-c as the 24-105/4 does on ff.

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