Long lenses on DX Choices - 150-600, 200-400/500 etc.

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Re: Long lenses on DX Choices - 150-600, 200-400/500 etc.

Aston Senna wrote:

maybe I'm just crazy. but here are some full size examples of some of the sharpest shots I had. None of these have really been edited at all or sharpening. JPEG right out of camera.

Showing different focal lengths. The first shot, is shortest and looks fabulous to me when zooming in. Others are definitely usable, but you can definitely tell they lack the same punch the farther you go in with focal length when you enlarge and go 1:1 to zoom in on them

The first shot is 300mm@1/1000s the others are significantly longer at a greater distance but still at 1/1000s or slower. The atmospherics in the three last shots look pretty hazy. With the head on shots shutter speed can be higher as it doesn't matter if you freeze the action as there's no real visible motion anyway.

I don't know where you live but here in Queensland I've found that my best shots are in the morning before the heat really starts coming off the track, you can have the sharpest lens in the world but the shots are still going to look a bit soft due to the heat haze.

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