23mm vs 27mm bokeh/DOF difference ?

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Re: 23mm vs 27mm bokeh/DOF difference ?

bibop83 wrote:

Hi everybody,

Now that the 27mm has WR and AR its form factor is really appealing.

I already have the 23mm f2 and really like it so far. Only complain could be that i would like it to be a pancake for street photography.

I especially like the f2 aperture as I somehow get nice separation (for a 23mm) that gives a bit of a 3d feeling to the picture. Ok, its not comparable to my 50mm or the f1.4 version but its ok for my taste.

I was wondering if I would loose this bokeh if I would switch to the 27mm as its f2.8 max. But considering it's slightliy longer I wonder if that compensate ?

Some of you got example of 23 vs 27 at max aperture on both ?

Thanks a lot !


23 has better bokeh. 27 has similar dof due to longer focal length. 27 bokeh can sometimes be nervous on certain scenes. Just use a dof calculator.

I have both.

27 is better for pics of people due to longer focal length also. 23mm is more like a 21-22mm lens, wider than the 23 1.4.

35 f2 and 35 1.4 even better for people, have the 1.4.

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