HX99 vs HX90 - Image Processing Improvements?

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Re: Write Speed Question. Re: HX99 vs HX90 - Image Processing Improvements?

Smartdas wrote:

Hi everyone so received the HX99 and took some test shots this weekend. Like the familiar layout (as have an RX10) but not 100% sold on couple of things. Firstly the Sony app on iPad can not import RAW. This was a primary benefit over the HX90. And to add insult to injury the Sony app on Mac does not work either. So the other key advantage over HX90 for me was ‘extra fine’ JPEG option. However after taking various test shots I cannot see any difference in the quality as a result of the lower compression. So that’s the first set of observations.

The other one is the geotagging. I hopped that as per any other Bluetooth device it would simply connect to the phone and take the location (sony app is configured to run in background and connect). However unless you start it also and manually connect each time geotagging does not take place.

So in summary I think I will return the camera and get a second hand HX90 or LUMIX TZ200.

It depens on your zoom needs: if you don't mind to have only an opt. zoom 15x for sure go for the Lumix zs200, which has a 1" sensor. I have this one and the quality pictures is awesome.

For the Sony HX99, with the option SuperFine it makes less grainy, but probably you will notice it only if you enlarge the photo...

You can see it here :


(note: with the HX99, if you want much better quality in high iso (1600, 3200), you must use ISO MF (MultiFrame), which takes 4 photos and combine them, to give a photo with less grain. But with this option your subject must not move too much, or it will be blurred.) (note 2: With ISO MF I disable the 2 seconds AutoReview, because it takes more time to process the photos...)

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