Is a Wimberly monopod head overkill for m43?

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Re: Consenus seems to be "overkill"

BBbuilder467 wrote:

janeenadamsmartin wrote:

Granted, the 40-150pro isn't a huge lens, but they put a tripod collar on it for some reason.

I mean, I don't want to wimp out here, but I can't be the only person that would use a monopod for this lens, with some type of head... so it is mainly THIS head that is the overkill vote?

It's the "wrong" head. You need a simple tilt-head with the monopod to use it with anything. You don't need a gimbal or that oddball thing you're looking at. It won't work.

Inflated self esteem seems to go well with BBuilders in general...

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