600mm with the new m.150-400mm F4.5

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Re: 600mm with the new m.150-400mm F4.5

Gary from Seattle wrote:

kohinoor wrote:

SverreE wrote:

Based on numbers I think 150-400 with TC 1.4 are much better than 300 with TC 2?

And you can go from 588 to 700 with a switch.

400 x 1.4 = 588mm???

Slight error in arithmetic but I doubt 28mm at that focal length is worth a hill of beans.

You're right. It's only that the OP asked for 600mm. And with 588mm one could say 12mm isn't a hill of beans. But the difference between 560 and 600 is at least a little heap of peas. 

Besides to make a merely arithmetic point, one could use a 2x on the 150-400 I suppose. but that is irrelevant in shooting unless shooting ants at 20 yards.

Not irrelevant at all provided resolution and stabilisation is there. See below a shot of a sparrow at a measured 20m taken with 500mm+MC14 in 3/2 aspect ratio giving 1575mm equ FOV.

And below cropped to 2000mm equ FOV

Quite far from shooting ants at 20 yards imho. I wouldn't mind having 1000mm (2000equFOV) available when needed.

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