**Celebrating ‘Pinhead’ Sensor Bridge Cameras**

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Re: **Celebrating ‘Pinhead’ Sensor Bridge Cameras**

Ainisru wrote: Wow, that one frame from the sports action is very usable, am quite amazed

The MVI video format is convenient for stepping through each frame until you find one that is relevant and not blurred. Useful for hand held shots at long tele reach, when it's hard to avoid camera shake - and provides more chance of an unblurred image than a burst of only a few frames. Especially for 'grab shots' of moving subjects whose actions you couldn't predict, like this hang glider, about 150 metres away, above Newcastle beach (NSW, Australia).

Sure, with more time, and bigger, more costly equipment, you could do better. But it's the camera you have with you and can deploy in an instant that can grab opportunities like this, and mobile phone cameras still don't capture long tele shots.

Also, with the Casio ZR800 the wide scope of timelapse frame-rate allowed me to use it at about 2fps , then just hold the camera pointing out of a vehicle window automatically capturing all the passing scenery, whilst my attention could be on other things - such as a tour guide or taxi driver's commentary. So I could later review the trip, and if anything seemed worth a closer look, or warranted identifying, I could use Google's StreetView and a guide book or map to backtrack on a confusingly twisty bus or taxi route through an unknown city. It's quicker to step through dozens of stills than to watch a video of the whole journey repeated in realtime.

That also avoided the need to apprehensively hold the camera pointing through the window, holding my attention on the passing scenery, with my finger on the shutter button, hoping to spot something worth snapping, and usually missing the shot through inattention or slow reactions.

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