The quality of lenses on the M6 II

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Re: The quality of lenses on the M6 II

roedj wrote:

This camera holds a lot of the 'right stuff' for my needs but I am troubled by a comment Chris made at the end of his review on DPR-TV. He said something about the available lenses not being up to the job - with the possible exception of the 32 mm - for the enhanced sensor on the M6 II.

Assuming he's correct, what's the solution? EF or EF-S glass? 3rd party?


I think he meant *to get the most out of the 32 MP sensor. A number of the native lenses will look slightly soft wide open or the corners will look slightly soft unless you stop down—which comes into play when the image is observed at 100% on a computer screen, but that sort of thing is not necessarily going to ruin, much less show up in, a print. Also implicit to the statement is that the photographer will use a sufficiently high shutter speed, stabilize the camera well enough and there won’t be any other factors at play that might affect sharpness.

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