Reworking an old Mac 27" iMac

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Re: Reworking an old Mac 27" iMac

I have a 2012 27" iMac quad-core i7, 16GB RAM.  It's intolerably slow, and I plan to replace it this year with a new M1 iMac.

I also have a Linux box from 2019 with an AMD Ryzen5 6-core CPU and 32GB RAM plus solid-state storage.  It's blazingly fast.  One reason I got all that RAM is that I thought I might transition from Lightroom to something running on Linux.

I keep computers a long time: my previous Linux box lasted 11 years.  If I weren't dependent on Lightroom, having a Mac at all would be a luxury (I don't really need two desktop machines at home).

If I were in your situation I would upgrade the Mac not necessarily to another iMac but perhaps to a Mac Mini, for which you would have to provide your own monitor.

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