FedEx loses my R5 on the way to canon cps

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Re: FedEx loses my R5 on the way to canon cps

wolfephoto wrote:

Personally this is one reason for me not to use CPS. Sure in theory you’re covered. But if takes three months to get a replacement what good does that do you? Personally I ship everything UPS and have never had an issue.

User5942872967 wrote:

Hoka Hey wrote:

bernie r wrote:

wolfephoto wrote:

If it was me I’d send it to an authorized Canon repair shop and pay for the darn shipping insurance myself.

Talk about cheap.

bernie r wrote:

I don't send it to CPS/Canon due to their disgusting policy of $100 insurance on items, it is absolutely unacceptable. You're sending your items you purchased from Canon, sometimes directly for 40X that price and they can only insure you to $100? What an absolute joke and a meaningless 'Platinum' membership status.

Cheap is a multi billion dollar camera company not insuring their shipping services for your device that requires a repair under warranty or not and forcing you to pay $100's+ in insurance for sending it, not even including cost of shipping.

Canon is self-insuring or has an excess policy that covers the loss over $100.00. It's a common practice for large corporations to self insure or use excess policies. Someone in accounting has crunched the numbers and figured out that they come out ahead if they pay themselves or someone else rather than FedEx to do the insurance.

To be honest the $100 doesn’t bother me as long as canon does right by me. I Much rather deal with canon then the cluster of fedex. I can’t see myself going with another brand after the overwhelming support canon has offered me.

Per the OP, the label provided by Canon was for FedEx as that is who they deal with for their shipping. He can use UPS or USPS if he wanted to but he would have to pay for shipping himself. I'm sure if shipping was free and label was provided, anyone would use it.

As for how long it takes for replacements, it may take a few weeks or months as ANY company would have to investigate the situation before giving out any products that may result in a loss for a company. Same goes for the ANY carrier like your beloved UPS as they would be at a loss for paying out the claim.

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