What Camera Straps do "real" Pros Use?

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Re: What Camera Straps do "real" Pros Use?

dwight3 wrote:

photolando wrote:

We all use what "we" feel is best. I've used a lot of straps over the years and find the Black Rapid is best for me. I do a lot of corporate events every year and feel the Black Rapid is the most convenient. It takes the weight off the back of my neck. It's by my side usually with my right hand on it so I can quickly raise it up and shoot.

I tried going back to a "standard" strap with the camera in front of me. Hated it. If I'm covering a crowded cocktail reception, it's a lot easier to hold the camera by my side so I can cut through people. If that camera is in front, it's going to be in the way and hit people. It lets the lens hang down and not out in front.

Just my observation.

Another tip I got a couple decades ago:

If you're using a standard strap, most people hang it around their neck or on their shoulder with the lens pointing out. Instead, point the lens inward. That will protect a short lens from bumping into things and it will force a longer lens to hang downward so it won't bump into things.

Even so, and I have done that, it's still awkward compared to a Black Rapid.  I will never go back.

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