Matching colors on lightroom screen and print

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Re: Matching colors on lightroom screen and print

I mentioned this before. Try printing from another app. Specifically: Canon Print and Layout Utility. Also, try a different paper, ensuring it is a neutral white paper (not a too cool or to warm paper). Canon luster or semi-gloss will work - download the canon icc printer profile. Finally, select relative colormetric as you printing intent.

However, to reduce variables, use a canon paper. The two mentioned above have really high color gamut and deep blacks, in addition to being neutral white. If you absolutely must test using a non canon paper, download both the color profile (icc profile) and the printer media type profile from the manufacturer’s website.

Also note, before data color spyder “X”series, I didn’t get monitor calibrations that were as good as with x-rite products.

Finally, the above recommendations are intended to reduce the possible variables. You should also evaluate which looks right, rather than assuming the monitor is right and trying to match the paper to it.

As a last resort, have a custom color profile made for the printer. I use the color valet pro service from

if all of this fails, try on a different computer.

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