Is a Wimberly monopod head overkill for m43?

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Re: Is a Wimberly monopod head overkill for m43?

janeenadamsmartin wrote:

I am thinking of this Wimberly, the MH-100, not the full-sized gimbal.

Steve Perry Youtube is compelling as to why this is better than a tilt-head.

And folks say you get use

d to it being on the side, vs on top.

I will try to actually answer your question and not a question you never asked. (given you are using a monopod. which in my case at least has nothing to do with stability. It's getting the weight of lens/ camera off your body, especially for prolonged shooting where you are focusing on a single object as in bird in trees)

So you are using a monopod. The whimberly does add some weight and bulk vs a simple tilt head. To me it is worth it. Say you are pointing high up at acute angle. With simple head you need to move the monopod as a whole, pick up reposition and tilt from. the foot. you may even be tempted just hold the whole thing off the ground

With the M 100 you easily use gimbal to swivel the head upwards. its fast and easy presuming you keep knob loose

As far as the position of the camera off to side, I find it's easier to use. I can rest my left hand on knob for added stability.

Only way to see if this works for you is to try it. It is an unconventional design

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