Covid pandemic, your photography

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My sister, who was pregnant at the time caught it, along with her husband, their young child, their parents in their mid 70's, his brother, and all recovered fine. No worse than a common cold. Consequently, I have no fear of it,

The next mutation may get you though. I expect virus strategy evolved over many years hinges on this smug self absorbed complacency.

You will still be well advised to get vaccinated to allow for the new strains.

Also wear a mask in case you are a silent carrier if re-infected to protect others.

Absolutely. Countless hundreds of thousands of Americans have died because too few who came in contact with them were willing to accept that they could be carrers without signs and symptoms. Always wear a mask when around others, even once vaccinated until it's been established for sure that those who've been vaccinated are not contagious. Please, everyone, don't assume anything about this potential killer. And don't accept anecdotal evidence from others as something you can count on applying to you or anyone else; it doesn't work that way.

The success of this virus in closing down our economies is that it balances covert harmless reinfection and death and disability in such a refined way. The common cold that kills or cripples on a whim if it has your number on it

Amen. For now and for some time to come, when out among others, assume all those others are carriers — and that you are, too. Be willing to err on the side of your safety and the safety of others by taking all the recommended precautions. Countries where people have been really good about doing that have had case and death rates far, far lower than the U.S.'s.

Confusedabit might be your alias, but about Coronavirus COVID19 you're a well-informed clarion..


worked the whole time it's been around, and only wear a mask when shopping at stores that require it for entry. My photography has changed because local government has put a stop to all car and bike shows, as well as all motorsport events. So I resort to this


We still need to be positive and optimistic about at all ........... the gloom and doom mentality only creates a negative environment and adds to inaction

Needless, wildly excessive suffering and deaths will generate gloom every time. Calling on people to base their attitude on facts from qualified experts and their actions on sound advice isn't about creating a negative environment. It's about minimizing suffering, disability and death. The rolling out of effective vaccines, the improvement in helping hospitalized patients survive are cause for hope and optimism. That so many people continue to dismiss the danger and refuse to take recommended precautions, for others' sake if not for themselves, promotes despair.

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