Long lenses on DX Choices - 150-600, 200-400/500 etc.

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Re: Long lenses on DX Choices - 150-600, 200-400/500 etc.

Let's talk about environmental conditions  and distance to subject.  The first shot at 300 mm definitely appears to have the subject closer than the 500 to 600mm shots.  The longer shots appear to have more asphalt between the camera and subject.  This could lead to thermal distortion causing lack of sharpness.  The day of the longer shots does appear to be more hazy than the 300mm shot.  I would try to control conditions more carefully to eliminate haze and thermal distortion to see if results could be improved with that kind of technique.  The lower camera angle of the longer shots could also be contributing to haze.  I would eliminate  those issues before buying a new lens.

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