Looking for a new camera and considering a system switch

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Looking for a new camera and considering a system switch

I am looking to get a new camera to replace my ageing bodies and I'm looking for some input on whether to stick with Canon or switch to a new system.

My current gear is:

  • Canon 6D + Grip
  • 17-40 F4L
  • 70-200 F4L (old non is version)
  • 50mm F1.4
  • Sigma 85mm F1.4 Art
  • Canon M5 + ef-m adapter
  • EF-M 22mm
  • EF-M 28mm Macro

I estimate if I sold all my current gear I could get approx $3600 CAD (after Ebay/Paypal fees) + the $1400 CAD I currently have saved = $5000 CAD ($3950 USD) . If I decided to keep my EF lenses and sell everything else I could probably get about $1750 + the $1400 = $3150 ($2500 USD).

As far as what I intend to use the new camera for, I shoot a wide variety of subjects from landscape, wildlife, portraits to street. I don't really care about video all that much, while it would be nice for the camera to have decent 4k capabilities, stills are the most important because that's 99% of what I do.

One obvious option that I'm considering is sticking with Canon and getting the EOS R. I can't afford the R5 or R6, and I'm not really interested in the R6 anyway because the 20mp really limits the ability to crop when shooting birds/wildlife. I know the R doesn't have the best reputation due to being behind the pack in several categories but considering I'm mostly concerned with stills is it still a decent option? the big advantage is that I could get the ef-rf adapter free with it that would allow me to continue using my ef lenses. My biggest concern with the R system currently is the lack of affordable quality lenses compared to some of its competitors.

Another option I'm seriously considering is switching to Fuji and going with something like the X-S10 or X-T4. I really like the design of Fuji's cameras/lenses, as well as the price to performance ratio. The reduced size and weight is also beneficial. I also really like that Fuji actually updates their cameras adding new features and performance improvements (one thing that has really annoyed me with my Canon bodies is the lack of updates, instead just releasing a new model with the improvements that could and should have been added with firmware updates) .If I sold all my current gear I could get an X-S10 and 3 or so quality lenses (especially if a get the lenses used) or a X-T3/X-T4 with 2 quality lenses. My only real concern is whether I would miss full frame, and the prospect of selling all my gear is slightly daunting.

Nikon Z system does seem somewhat appealing as well but there's a lot less of it on the used market to improve affordability (compared to Fuji). I know the Sony A7 series is very popular but the constant stream off very similar models is off-putting and there once again isn't as many good used options in Canada.

So what I would really like to hear is peoples experience with the R for stills shooting, as well as people who switched to Fuji and whether the missed full frame. and I am willing to hear suggestions about Nikon/Sony. I am not interested in M43 as I don't think the resolution or sensor size is right for me.

Thank you in advance to anyone who took the time to read this wall of text and offer their opinion!

 TheTrueBigDaddy's gear list:TheTrueBigDaddy's gear list
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