Long lenses on DX Choices - 150-600, 200-400/500 etc.

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Re: Long lenses on DX Choices - 150-600, 200-400/500 etc.


I've done a lot of reading and studying on the subject of long lenses for Nikon - back to 1992 when I got my first.

What we wanted for decades (excellent IQ long glass at affordable pricing) finally came true over the past few years. ALL the new long lenses are pretty good, and you can pretty much rank their relative strengths by price.

The Tamron 150-600 g2 is very good - better than the g1 according to former owners.

The Sigma 150-600 Contemporary about the same.

The Nikon 200-500 is excellent (I have one), but definitely has weaknesses/flaws, like the slow zoom rate. But the VR is top-notch and the center performance is quite strong.

The Sigma 150-600 Sport is the most expensive and supposed to be the best performing, but also a lot heavier than the others.

All of these will be better for wildlife and birding than a xxx-400 zoom, even f4.

A 500PF tops them all, but is out of the 'affordable' category.

I know the sigma sport is heavy, but I have a monopod now. I handheld that contemporary 150-600 for 7,000 pictures over two days and holy crap were my arms weak by the end. I found a railing to rest it against in a few places luckily

the sigma sport is supposed to go to f6.3 REALLy early in the focal range unfortunately, too, which I don't understand.

I don't do any birding and don't have much desire to actually. Or at least I say that now. Mostly shooting cars and racing is intended place. So I usually picked a focal length and left it fixed. I didn't change it as cars were coming in closer or further away. And I know i read the 200-500 is slow to focus from close to far, but I don't think that would be an issue with cars, tracking and adjusting and subjects get closer (larger) would be more important and vice versa for exit shots.

I'd love a 500 PF, but too expensive. Shoot, a local camera store has a 400 2.8D lens for a decent price that is so tempting despite the monstrosity of it, but $3k is way too much for me too right now lol

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