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Re: Filter Tests

Kevner wrote:

Sony A7R2 set to full tone B&W. First thing, the filters do affect the image but not in the same way as film. You could probably find some usefulness with filters although it would take some practice to figure out what filters had what affects on the images.

Thanks for doing this, it wasn't at all what I expected.

I think that the approach for doing this would be shooting raw and then calibrating the camera+filter combination to create a raw processing profile that would match some expected outcome, which seems like a lot of work to achieve an outcome that could be done easier some other way.

But I do know of one photographer who uses a magenta filter for daylight color photography in order to balance the red and blue color channels, having them closely match the response of the green, in order to get cleaner images; this does require custom calibration as well.

I think Leica Eye has a good idea of using the camera's built-in filter simulations. I just checked, and my D750 has built-in red, orange, yellow, and green filters, and I'm a bit disappointed that it does not have blue, but of course that's easy to simulate with raw.

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