Taking the X-T3 where few dare to take it..... Underwater! (Part I)

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Re: Taking the X-T3 where few dare to take it..... Underwater! (Part I)

maxxxx wrote:

DivineMadcat wrote:

I am happy to share guys, and I am happy people enjoyed. Likewise, and questions I am happy to answer, as well as critique for improvement. I am still learning, and feedback always helps.

Mr Bolton wrote:

Wow!! That looks amazing!

Could you do one of these posts detailing the gear you used? Because you know, I don't yet have enough expensive hobbies

Sure thing! Between my DIY work this week, and the other parts I ordered, I should have a far more complete and capable kit by next week. But for the moment, here is a text rundown:

Body: X-T3

Lens: 10-24mm f/4

Camera housing: Meikon X-T3 underwater housing

Lens port (future): Meikon 8" Dry dome w/70mm tube

Lens port (current): Meikon V1 X-T2/3 standard port (short)

Definitely planning on doing a picture rundown however, as I would love to share with the community what options we have available.

maxxxx wrote:

These are great! I wish I lived somewhere where it would make sense to get one of these.

from my research we are talking $800. Is that about right?

So, retail on the kit with the flat port is around $500, and the kit with flat and 6" dome is around 650 (depending on where you shop).

In my case, I snagged an Amazon warehouse deal on the base kit for 200. I think someone used it on a vacation once, didn't even bother to wash off the sand, and return it. Gave it a rinse, and a function test in the tub, and it was like new. Also found the larger dome port (8" as opposed to the stock 6") on Amazon for 199 (assuming it is as described....). All told, with the extra grip I ordered, I have around $420 in the setup. Not cheap, but not bad considering.

Nice! How deep do you go? I have taken my GoPro scuba diving and it worked well but a bigger sensor would be nice. Some lights would be even better but I think that’s even pricier.

So, on this trip, the depth was rather limited; only 25ft. There are other dive sites we go to that are 80+ (my GF can reach that, I am still working on it). I don't know if I will take it to the rated depth, but definitely looking at taking it to 50-80.

Yannis1976 wrote:

DivineMadcat wrote:

Yannis1976 wrote:

I also love underwater photography while snorkeling, but after some years of trying various setups, I came to conclusion that big setups are not comfortable. Therefore I have settled to the small Olympus TG range which despite its tiny sensor, it can do wonders...


Honestly, I have a TG4, but color me less than impressed. Video was meh, shots were meh... ok backup, but I actually like the GoPro better.

Frankly, if you already have Fuji gear, I think it makes more sense to invest in a housing. Especially since they make x100 and xpro housings as well. I would kill for an X-E3 housing, but that one seems to be missed by everyone..

That said, great freediving shots! Cool to see others out in the water living it up!

I also had the TG4 and indeed I wasn't impressed, but the TG5/6 were considerably improved. Another thing that is hugely important for uw is the Olympus add on wide lens which brings uw fl to 24mm. Anyway you can check my photos. I still think that movement and comfort are more important underwater than IQ.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the shots; absolutely respect what you did with the camera.

Personally though,  after dealing with the GP and TG, image quality is far more important to me,  convenient handling be damned. I have missed too many special shots to sub par equipment,  which is why I decided to (literally) jump in on a complete setup.

Down the line, I would like to be fully invested in a professional level setup, but that is going to take some saving up...

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