darktable 3.4.0 released

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Re: darktable 3.4.1 released

sluggy_warrior wrote:

FujiJon wrote:

So I'm not alone. I have the same problem on an Asus zenbook, i7 ice lake and iris graphics and a corei5 laptop. Telling dt not to use Opencl stops the crashing. As does waiting for dt to finish what it's doing before tweaking something else...mostly.

I had darktable crashed occasionally, especially living on the master branch, but I can always force quit or "killall darktable". When this crash happened, nothing can close darktable window, I can still use the system normally though.

I think in my case, as I told darktable to prioritize the 1050Ti, whenever I don't wait for it to finish a task (on the nVidia), it'd invoke the Intel GPU, and that randomly crashed darktable. Simply disabling Intel OpenCL (renaming /etc/OpenCL/vendors/intel.icd) has stopped the crash.

BTW you can click the close window button on dt, wait for the not responding prompt, then force quit. Then use alt-printscreen together then holding those down type R E I S U B slowly to force a reboot, it's kinder on the system than turning it off.

ah, thanks for the trick, I'll try it if it'll ever happen again.

FWIW, my Ubuntu laptop went through the shutdown process, logged out and quit Xorg, shutting off the external monitor. Here's what was stuck on the laptop screen after two minute or so, forcing me to hold down the power button to finish it off.


I have been having seemingly random crashes on dt since 3.2.1, possibly a bit worse on 3.4, and continuing in 3.5.xxxxxx. Crashes would happen with pretty much any module but (I think), either after a lot of edits on one image, or otherwise every one or two images if fewer edits. Fixed by turning OpenCL off, so I assumed OpenCL was the problem. Then I had an image where for some reason Filmic wouldn't play nice (likely compounded by my incompetence) giving horrible highlights,. I went back to "legacy" processing using base curve...with OpenCL enabled...no filmic...no color calibration...and no problem. Just for play I went back and re-edited a couple of dozen assorted images using base curve after deleting the history stack, ie starting from scratch, no filmic, but otherwise using my usual selection of exposure, contrast eq, profiled denoise, color zones, sometimes color balance, local contrast, sometimes tone eq, crop/rotate. No problem, worked a treat, no crash and it seems snappier. So I'm wondering if filmic is doing something that upsets opencl (or the other way around)? I would be interested if anyone finds similar.

Fuji X-H1 RAF files on Asus Zenbook, Intel core i7 (ice lake), intel iris integrated graphics, linux mint 201.1 (cinnamon), darktable 3.5.0~git1072.d98b1496f-1

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