X100V unreliable autofocus and possible cause

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Re: AF mistery

Rightsaidfred wrote:

I really have a hard time to believe that the Fuji engineers would lack a clear strategy behind their concepts. I am pretty sure they know their subject well. There must be a reason.

I fully agree. But cannot get that reason, I'd really love to hear a convincing one.
I understand just the possible relevance of focus shift issues but not with my lenses: I really get a higher percentage of accurately focused images focusing at full aperture with MF+AFL.

Mind me: I am speaking of "issues" that in most cases you can see only when pixel-peeping, not something that would be visible on a sensible printing size.
There are cases of misteriously out of focus images at any distance where, if you can rule out micro-shake or OIS/IBIS issues, the only reasonable explanation is that the camera has focused beyond infinity. Which, focusing at infinity with a stepped down aperture, is truly possible.

In my tests I have observed (believe in my ability or not...) that in bright light the lens (or some lenses, I don't know) can focus at apertures down to 7.1. Ok, there's Phase detection and such, but... what the heck.

I thought it was a matter of previewing (in older cameras, as I observed, the "boost" option reduced the aperture dancing, giving to the processor the task of adjusting the electronic preview - hence the increased energy consumption). But now... My X-T3 in MF can show the correct exposure in EVF/screen at full aperture. So what?

Ok, this is not a problem once you find out the MF+AFL trick.
But a choice to have AFS act the same using the half pressure would be a perfect solution, it's FW fixable, the camera can already do that. Am I wrong?

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